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New Blog Host Provider

June 18, 2015

My blog has recently moved to a new provider, Flywheel. There were some stability issues with my last provider and thus decided to jump ship. Hopefully all will work out well with this new group. In case you’re interested, here’s a link to my new blog provider.

Blogging from Word 2016 Preview Works Great!

May 4, 2015

I just posted a blog post from the new Office 2016 Public Preview (below). It and this post too were made using the new Word 2016 Preview. The interface for posting from Word hasn’t changed much from the Office 2013 experience, except for the obvious colour difference on the Ribbon (at least as of Read More

OneNote 2016 Preview and Onetastic / OneCalendar

May 4, 2015

I just got a copy of the Office 2016 public preview today and started OneNote 2016. One of the things I noticed was how little has changed about the desktop version between 2013 and 2016 (too bad). The next thing I was curious about was whether or not the Onetastic add-on would work with the Read More

Office 2016 Public Preview Now Available

May 4, 2015

It’s finally been announced that the Office 2016 Public Preview is now available. I’ve seen a few early previews of this as an MVP and have quite liked what I saw (they’re sticking with the KISS principles and yet adding ever more power/functionality to the suite). I encourage you to go and take a look Read More

How to Get the SharePoint Farm Build Version Using PowerShell

May 1, 2015

This is surprisingly easy to do actually, it’s just 2 simple lines of PowerShell. $farm = Get-SPFarm$farm.BuildVersion The result will be something like this below. Then all you need to do is take that number and you can look at the version numbers over at Todd Klindt’s blog. He always keeps these lists up to Read More

How to Determine Your SharePoint 2013 Search Index Location (and Default Search Index Location)

April 30, 2015

During the setup of your Search service application, if you created your search service using PowerShell, you’re be able to specify a default search index location similar to the lines below. $NewIndexPath = “D:\TOP\SearchIndex” New-SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponent –SearchTopology $newtopology -SearchServiceInstance $hostWF1 -IndexPartition 0 -RootDirectory $NewIndexPath However, believing that you’ve set it properly, and actually being able to Read More

How to Filter a SharePoint Date Column by a Specific Value

April 30, 2015

Adding a date filter is usually a fairly trivial task, and using the [Today] technique is a great way to get dates in and around today ([Today]-1 for yesterday, [Today]+1 for tomorrow, etc.). But what about when you want to filter against a specific date? As it turns out the date format in a filter Read More

The Reality of Connecting SharePoint to Oracle using BDC

April 29, 2015

What? A while back I had a customer ask about connecting SharePoint together with an Oracle data source, and using the BDC service to act as the intermediary in that exchange. So What? The reality is that unfortunately connecting SharePoint to Oracle isn’t as simple as connecting SharePoint to a SQL Server data source. In Read More

How to Resolve Failures in the SharePoint Product Config (psconfig) Tool

April 29, 2015

One night recently I was trying to install a whack load of new SharePoint updates, and I was having major pains trying to get the psconfig tool to run (both the UI tool and the command line version). I finally came up with a series of steps that works for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Read More

SharePoint and the User Interface Video Presentation

April 25, 2015

  Finally I was able to get a copy of the video (with audio) we recorded from my presentation back in March (2015) available publicly. Please see below a link to my presentation on Vimeo. Enjoy!

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